Soap, a lot of ingredients! – Japanese soap brand tamari soy is in the news once again with a new batch of products in the market that include a new type of soap, soy sauce pouch and a lot more! Source: Kotaku

Tamari soy, known for its rich, nutty aroma, is often associated with soy sauce. 

It is a common ingredient in Japanese soaps and is often found in other ingredients such as water. 

This new product, called the Soy Sauce Pouch, is made with soy paste and is made from water.

The Soy Sauce pouch is a plastic tube with a seal which fits over your mouth to make sure you get the best amount of soap and other ingredients. 

There is a clear seal on the inside and inside of the pouch, and it comes with instructions to fill it up and keep it away from children. 

The product is currently only available for Japan and Korea, but the packaging looks like it will eventually be released for all countries, including the US.

The product comes in four flavors: Foggy Soy Sauce, Soy Sauce Soya, Soy Salt, and Soy Salt Soya. 

In the US, the packaging is still being made, but this looks like the first one we have seen for the US and Korea. 

Tamari soy does not have a specific website to sell its products. 

We do know that the Soy sauce pouch is not limited to just the US or Korea, as the brand is expanding internationally, and the brand was also involved in a partnership with Nestle that resulted in Soy Sauce Pure and Soy Sauce Plus, both products being available in Korea.

The new Soy Sauce Pouch is also made with Soy Milk, Soya Oil, Caramel Sauce, and Water. 

A Japanese soap company, Tamari Soy has been selling a range of soy products for the last 15 years. 

One of the most popular brands in Japan is Tamarari Soy. 

I think this will be a great addition to the soap aisle of your grocery store, or maybe you will find some new recipes for your friends and family. 

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