‘I didn’t even want to talk to her’: A family’s struggle to find their daughter’s killer

After her father’s death in October, the parents of a teenage girl who vanished in November were desperate to find answers and make sure their daughter was safe.

The girl’s family had no idea the girl had gone missing until a tip came in from an anonymous person who called the family.

After a search that stretched across the city, a private investigator came across the girl’s body on the side of the road, where her parents had left her after the night she disappeared.

The family had been looking for her since that morning.

The investigation revealed a strange mix of items and items that the family had never seen before, the police chief said.

The mother had left an unidentified white plastic bag with a small, flat object.

She had placed a small black bag underneath the bag, and when the parents looked into it, they found a black plastic bag in the bottom.

They found a large white bag, but the bag was also empty.

The backpack had a small metal object on the back, the family said.

And on the front of the backpack, they saw a small blue disc.

The disc was wrapped in white fabric and had a blue disc attached to it, the girl and her parents said.

A police chief in the Chicago suburb where the girl was last seen said he had received more than a dozen tips from people who had seen her.

He said the girl, who is now 15, was abducted, and she was later found on a lake in a wooded area.

The parents said they are still trying to piece together exactly what happened, and they hope their daughter will be found.

“The person who sent the tip didn’t say anything to me, so I don’t know,” said the mother, who asked to be identified only as Jane Doe.

“I didn.

I don.

I think they just got lucky.”

The girl, whose identity is being kept secret for fear of her family, disappeared on the night of November 30, after a party in the area of South and West Foster streets in the Windy City.

Her father, Kevin, had gone to the party with his girlfriend and a friend and left them at a bar in the city’s North Shore neighborhood, where he and his friends were hanging out.

The group had gone out to a bar on the same street a few days earlier and ended up having a night out, when they noticed something strange.

“It was kind of like, ‘What’s going on?’

They said it was just like a light switch that kind of flipped on,” Kevin told ABC News’ “20/20.”

The group decided to go to the next stop, where Kevin said he saw a young woman with long, dark hair walking toward the street.

She said she wanted to go home, but Kevin said she wouldn’t be home.

Kevin’s girlfriend and another girl left and returned to the bar, and a young man they met later in the evening told Kevin to stay with them while he went home.

The young woman later returned home and told her parents about the missing woman.

She was wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and a white jacket.

Police said the police found her body in the woods.

Kevin said the young woman, whose name was not released, had a boyfriend and a history of violence, but police did not provide details about the relationship or the extent of the relationship.

They did not release the name of the boyfriend, but a relative of the girl told ABC that she was in her early 20s and was from Chicago.

The boy told police that the girl did not live with her parents, but that her mother had been divorced.

Police are still investigating.

“If she’s alive and well, they will find her,” said Chicago Police Superintendent Mike O’Sullivan, who said the case was being treated as a homicide.

“We’re going to do everything in our power to find her.”

Kevin said police have also been unable to identify a black man they have been trying to track down.

He also said that while he thinks his daughter was abducted by a black person, he has no proof.

He has been working on getting information from local law enforcement and from the Chicago Police Department.

He added that his family is now taking the girl to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, the federal agency that works with law enforcement.

The case remains unsolved.

In a statement, the Illinois State Police said: The Illinois State police are investigating the death of a missing young woman found in Illinois.

The state police is cooperating with the FBI and the Chicago police department.

The woman’s body has not been positively identified.

It is believed that the child has been located in Illinois and the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services are assisting the state police.