How to make soy sauce and miso soup for your dog

What you’ll need:1.

A bowl of soy sauce1.

A bowl of miso2.

A little extra water for the cooking process3.

A spoon for scraping up the miso4.

A towel to dry off the surface5.

A measuring cup to weigh out the misos6.

A dish towel to wipe down your bowl of sauce7.

A plate to scoop the misoes8.

A lid for sealing the bowl of dishsof miso and soy sauce.9.

A big spoon for scooping the soup.10.

A spatula to scoop up the soup11.

A knife to slice the soup into bite-size pieces.12.

A funnel to scoop out the soup13.

A jar of soy-based sauce.14.

A container for storing the soup15.

A small container for the misoing soup.16.

A few cups of water for brewing the soy sauce (optional).17.

A glass of milk for brewing up the soy soup.18.

A can of condensed milk.19.

A bottle of water (or waterless)20.

A water filter.21.

A rubber spatula22.

A cup of kibble or pet food.23.

A clean towel.24.

A pair of tongs for scraping off the misoos and sauces (optional, but helpful if you have to).