Why do you always have to be the first one to know when something is on the way to being canceled?

by Andrew Jarecki on October 23, 2018 8:16:03This week, the first episode of The 100 season 5 finale, “The Hand of the Godfather,” was finally released, and you know what that means: it’s officially official.

We can all officially say that the series is getting the axe.

The news came out on Thursday evening when Netflix CEO Reed Hastings sent out a tweet announcing that the upcoming season of The 10-episode series would be the last for Netflix.

Hastings’ tweet followed the announcement that the first two seasons of the series would all be scrapped, but that it wouldn’t be “premature” to cancel the remaining six episodes as well.

The only question is whether Hastings meant it as a tease, or if the season finale will be the final episode of season 5, which will officially end the series after nine seasons.

The first season of season 1, which aired in 2016, was the last episode of the show, and we have all seen that episode since.

But the second season aired in 2017, which was the season we all hoped to see ending after ten seasons.

The show is already getting canceled in 2017 because it was canceled by Netflix.

The show’s finale will most likely air sometime in the coming months, but it won’t be until 2018.

This season of the Netflix series has been the most eagerly anticipated for a long time, with rumors and speculation floating around for months.

The series has garnered high ratings, and has been highly praised by fans for its originality, suspense, and storytelling.