When will the new Juventus training facility open?

The first of three new Juve training facilities will open in Milan this summer.

The club is hoping the new training ground, which will feature a state-of-the-art indoor training centre and sports hall, will ease the transition to a new identity after a three-year absence from the city’s ground.

The new training facility is scheduled to open in September.

“Milan is a unique and interesting city with a long history, but it also needs to be built and built well,” said Milan’s chief executive Adriano Galliani.

“It is a city of great beauty and we will try to build something that is beautiful for all who live and work in it.”

In addition to the new stadium, Milan will also build a new sports hall and a state of the art indoor training facility.

Galliani said he wants to bring the club to a more European standard.

“I think it is a great thing that Juventus has been able to achieve here,” he said.

“We have the best facilities in Europe and we have had great success in Europe.”

This is an example of our ability to compete with the best.

“A new training centre will be located next to the stadium and it will be the first of the three new training facilities.

The existing training ground has been used for the last decade, but there is no new building and there are no plans to renovate it.

It was constructed in 1990 and the building is in poor condition, Galliani said.

However, he said he was confident the new facility would not only make it possible for the club’s new signings to train but also make the ground more welcoming to the public.”

There will be a new gymnasium, there will be an indoor swimming pool, there are also some new sports facilities,” Galliani added.”

But I think we have to work harder and work harder to attract the new players.”© ESPN Sports Media Ltd.