Why are so many people eating soy sauce?

Why are people so keen on soy sauce now?

It may be because it’s been so much more affordable than its traditional cousin.

A survey of 1,000 Australian consumers last month found consumers were eating soy products at a rate higher than any other food.

“I think we’re seeing a bit of an explosion of people eating it, with a lot of people really looking forward to it,” Dr Jones said.

“It’s definitely a bit more affordable and people are trying to get into it as much as they can, so we think it’s a bit exciting.”

The research was based on a survey of consumers from May through August.

“We think there’s been a significant increase in demand in Australia in the past couple of years,” Dr Alston said.

Food and drink retailers are seeing a big surge in demand, especially around Valentine’s Day.

“We’re seeing an uptick in demand and that has to do with the rise of Valentine’s day,” he said.

Dr Jones is also concerned about the growing amount of misinformation circulating about soy.

“There’s been this sort of myth out there that soy is bad for you.

It’s actually a lot healthier than what we think,” he warned.”

But it’s still not completely clear.

There’s also a lot more research that’s been done and it’s not quite clear if there’s actually any benefits, or if there is some risk.”

People have this idea that there’s some kind of chemical that’s in soy, or that soy causes cancer, or they’re worried about allergies.

“Dr Jones has been looking into soy in particular, and has identified some common concerns around soy sauce.”

Some people have soy sauce allergy and they get a reaction from it,” he explained.”

Others get an allergy from the taste of soy sauce.

“Dr Alston also has a soy allergy and recommends avoiding soy products.

He says some people also get soy sensitivities from food.

He said some people don’t get an allergic reaction from soy sauce but are sensitive to the soy protein.”

That’s why there’s a difference between the soy sauce people like and the soy sauces people don, and it depends on how much soy sauce you have,” he advised.”

If you have a lot, that might be a concern.

“Foods like soy sauce and soy milk have been around for years.”

They’re the main ingredients in soy milk,” Dr Anderson said.

But soy sauce is also used as a cooking ingredient in other foods, and Dr Jones is concerned that people are getting caught up in the hype around soy.

Dr Alton agrees.”

For a lot the public doesn’t realise that the soy product is used in a lot different foods, in other dishes and in other sauces, and in a good way,” he told News.


So it’s important that people understand that there are many different soy products, and some people will enjoy it and some will not.

“Dr Anderson is concerned there are also risks with the use of soy milk.”

What’s really worrying is that it’s being sold as ‘the healthiest drink’ and that people will eat it and it’ll be good for them,” he added.

Dr Almanson agrees.

She said it’s good for the environment.”

The environment is at stake, we’ve got soybeans in the oceans, we’re in the South Pacific and the rest of the world is using soybeans, and that’s a major issue,” she said.