How to Make Japanese Soy Sauce for Tacos

It’s hard to believe that in the past, the name “takoyaki” was used to refer to soy sauce made with fermented soybeans.

Today, it is the term for soy sauce produced by boiling and drying soybeans, which are then ground into a paste and fermented to make soy sauce.

The term “tako” is also used to describe the paste made with dried soybeans that has been fermented with vinegar and sugar.

The key to soy sauces is that they are made with soybeans from different areas of the world.

It’s important to note that soy sauce is made in the United States, Japan, and South Korea, so it’s best to ask your local market to be more specific.

To make a Japanese soy sauce that’s not too spicy, add some chopped garlic to the mix.

To add some sweetness, add a dash of fresh lemon juice and a splash of sesame oil.

To make it spicy, stir in some minced fresh ginger, onion, and/or jalapeños.

It will taste great, so if you’re making it for dinner, add it to the side.

Taste it and let us know what you think!