Which is better, the new soy sauce or the old one?

It’s a toss-up.

I’m not going to tell you which one is better.

What I will say is that I’ve always been a fan of the old soy sauce, and I still am.

If you’re looking for something to make with some tofu and some soy sauce and you’re not a fan, this is your sauce.

But if you’re into soy sauce with a little more flavor, then you should definitely try this.

I’ve used both old soy and new soy for the recipe below.

I’ve also tried the new, slightly spicy sauce in this recipe and it’s really good.

If that’s not your thing, you can also make your own soy sauce.

Just make a few simple adjustments, like adding a few tablespoons of soy sauce to your soy sauce recipe, adding some extra soy sauce for a thicker sauce, or adding a little extra salt to the soy sauce if you prefer.

And if you like soy sauce over sauce, you’ll love this recipe for Soy Sauce Honey Soy Sauce!