How to make soy sauce in 10 minutes

In the world of home-brewing soy sauce, a recipe can take up to an hour to make.

That’s not to mention the time it takes to make a batch of soy sauce.

That makes this a good time to start learning about how to make it at home.

“The first step to learning how to use this soy sauce is to get the ingredients,” says Michael Stoltz, a seasoned home brewer and co-owner of the popular online home-made Soy Sauce Recipe Center.

The recipe center is the first and best resource to learn how to put together a batch.

Step 1: Choose your ingredientsStep 2: Add the soy sauce ingredientsStep 3: Pour your soy sauce into the potStep 4: Bring the pot up to medium-high heatStep 5: Add your soy sauces mixture and cook for about 1 minuteStep 6: Remove the lid and stir it frequentlyStep 7: Enjoy!