Recode’s Dave Weigel on ‘dark soy’ sauce

Recode co-founder Dave Weigl on “dark soy” sauce, saying he’s never tasted anything quite like it before.

The sauce comes from a Japanese-style noodle dish called kombu, and its ingredients include chili flakes, garlic, black pepper, soy sauce and soy sauce powder.

Weigl is no stranger to making controversial statements.

In August, for example, he claimed the U.S. should stop importing food from Japan, because they are “killing people” with GMOs.

He also argued the U:S.

is guilty of exporting more people to Japan than to other countries, a claim we debunked here.

But when asked by Recode if he’s ever had anything like “dark” soy sauce on his dinner plate, Weigl said, “Not really.”

Here’s what he had to say.

Recode: Why do you say you’ve never had it on your dinner plate?

Dave Weigles: I’ve never really tasted anything like it.

I mean, we did once.

I’ve been on a trip, and I was driving down the street and I just realized I had a small container of it on my dashboard.

It was dark, it was hot.

I didn’t have to look very hard, and it was delicious.

Recoding: I just thought you might be saying it to get people to notice.

Dave Weiggles: It’s really not.

I think it’s kind of cute to get attention.

Recodes: Is that what it is that people do?

Dave Toigl: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

I can understand people being kind of curious.

I just think it is kind of silly.

I don’t think it matters.

I wouldn’t say that I’ve ever seen it on a plate.

Recoder: Do you think you ever have any sort of interest in trying to get customers to stop buying your products?

Dave: No, I haven’t. I haven