The Japanese can’t stop drinking soy sauce!

Japanese culture and its favorite beverages are among the world’s most popular.

Whether it’s your favorite soy sauce, or a bottle of Shirakiku, Japanese people have been drinking it for centuries.

So it’s no surprise that there are plenty of places around the world where you can enjoy soy sauce without breaking the bank.

The problem is that there’s not a lot of good places to go for that stuff, especially in Asia.

One popular bar in Japan has a few options, but they don’t include a place to drink it, and it’s a hassle to get there from your own country.

It’s also a bit pricey, so you might want to consider making a few other trips to Japan to try their soy sauce.

We found the following bars to try in Japan.

All of them have their own unique set of rules, but most of them are fairly similar.


Natsuiro Soba bar: Natsuiro has an entire list of rules to follow when you enter, so it’s not difficult to figure out how to get through the door.

Just be sure to read the menu, as it’ll be quite extensive.

The food is also decent, and there are lots of tables for those with smaller appetites.


Soyaku Ichiraku: Natsume’s specialty is soy sauce made with the soy beans from Japan.

The restaurant is located in Tokyo’s Shinjuku district, so if you’ve been to Natsube before, you should know what to expect.

The service is quick and friendly, and they serve a variety of soy sauces, including their famous soy sauce cocktail, which is made with soy sauce from Nagasaki, Japan.


Shirakuka soy sauce bar: Shirakuka’s soy sauce is made by fermenting the soybeans in a special way, which makes the sauce taste a bit more like soy sauce than regular soy sauce and tastes more like a blend of different types of soybeans.

The owner is also a big fan of the food, and if you’re lucky enough to have him to help you make your own soy sauce recipe, he’ll make it. 4.

Kokutte Shio bar: This bar is located right on the busy Tohoku coast.

It has a large patio, and its famous soy milk is one of the best things to drink in Japan, so we highly recommend trying it out.

It also has a bar menu that is filled with soy sauces.


Makishima soy sauce restaurant: This one is located on the second floor of a building near Tokyo’s Ikebukuro Station, and is a relatively new addition to the market.

We were surprised by how well it served up its famous blend of soy and sesame.

We also recommend going there for some authentic Japanese food.


Takashimaya soy sauce shop: This is a new, relatively new shop that specializes in soy sauce in a small space.

It only serves soy milk, but it’s been around for over a decade.

They’ve also put a lot more effort into their soy sauces than other Japanese shops, and we’ve seen a lot better soy sauce quality and taste from their soy milk.


Ichiya soy sauce store: This shop is located near Kyoto Station, which we also recommend as a good place to try out a variety, as you can see from its menu.


Tokyo-Shirayama soy sauce: We had a chance to try this shop in Shinjiru, a neighborhood that’s popular for its local food.

We tried the soy milk-based soy sauce that they sell, which tasted quite nice.

They also have soy sauce drinks, which you can try out at their bar.


Doron-Matsu-Shiro soy sauce cafe: This restaurant is one among the most popular in Tokyo, so there are quite a few places where you’ll find some great soy sauce around.

It doesn’t have the same high quality as its rival, but its definitely worth a try if you can.


Akashiko-Shiraishi soy sauce bakery: This Japanese bakery specializes in Soy Sauce, but also has other kinds of soy drinks.

It was one of our favorite spots to try them out, and the sweet and sour soy milk that we tried was very tasty.


Yamazaki soy sauce place: This place in Yokohama is known for its delicious soy milk tea.

We’ve never had their soy wine, but the taste was really good.


Sankei soy sauce spot: Sankei has a special soy sauce sauce in its specialty, and you can taste it on its menus.

The shop also has some really good soy milk and soy drinks too.


Ganbarashi soy sauce factory: This factory is located just off of the main road between Tokyo and Osaka