Yammaroku soy sauces to be used for Japanese national football team

Soy sauce is a staple in Japanese cuisine and one of the most popular condiments in Japan.

But it is also one of its most dangerous ingredients.

This week, the Japanese government is set to approve the use of soy sauce for use in the national team for the 2018 Asian Cup, the largest international competition in Asia.

The soy sauce used in the team’s kits will be a mixture of soybeans, canola oil and soybeans and oil from the soybean.

It will also include the addition of soy-based ingredients, such as mirin, which is used in a range of household and industrial products.

“This is a very important step in improving the safety and health of the national footballers,” Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said in a statement.

“We will continue to make use of the best of soy for the national anthem.

This is an important step to protect the health of our athletes.”

The government approved the approval after extensive public hearings in April and again in September.

The approval comes as part of a government drive to combat the use and spread of the potentially dangerous ingredient.

The government has pledged to reduce consumption of the highly concentrated soy sauce and is currently investigating the safety of the product.

Abe’s approval follows a similar move last month by the United States, which said it would use soy sauce in the upcoming World Cup.

Soy sauce has been used in many different forms in the US for a long time and was also found to be a carcinogen by the US Environmental Protection Agency.

The US had previously allowed the use as an ingredient in the popular barbecue sauce, but the US Food and Drug Administration banned the use in October.