What is Taiwan and why are they so tasty?

In the south of China, the city of Tainan has long been a place of high-end soy sauce.

Now, thanks to a Chinese conglomerate that has bought a majority stake in the city’s soy production, the sauce is more accessible than ever. 

The company that owns the soybean production in Tainans soy sauce factory has said the new venture will not only make the sauce more affordable, but also will also produce more soybeans. 

A spokesman for the Chinese conglomerate told the Wall Street Journal: This company is very excited to offer its soy sauce to the world. 

“Taiwan is an excellent city, and we are confident that its soybean fields will produce soybeans for us,” he added. 

Taian’s soybean is produced from a mix of Chinese and foreign soybean varieties. 

However, as well as being available in a variety of flavours, Tainanais soy sauce is also used in other Asian cuisines, including in Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, and Korea. 

 The deal with the Chinese firm will allow Tainuan to grow its soybeans on its own and is expected to produce about 1.5 million tonnes of soybeans a year. 

It is unclear whether the new product will be available to consumers in the UK, however, the soy sauce was originally produced in China and is exported from there. 

Source: The Times