Tsuru, a Japanese soy sauce brand, is getting a $1 billion deal with Alibaba, Alibaba CEO says

Tsurumis soy sauce is one of the most sought-after in Japan.

It has a high alcohol content, but it’s so popular, the Japanese government is offering it for free to restaurants, cafes and retailers.

Now, the same government is looking to get the soy sauce into Alibaba, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Tsurumisan, or soy sauce made from the fermented soybeans of soybeans, was created by a company called “Shimogashi” (海本), and it was made famous in Japan, where it was commonly used as a condiment.

The company says it sells about 5 million cans a month, and Alibaba’s Alibaba Group plans to make up to 2 million cans of it annually.

Alibaba has about 60,000 employees, including the Alibaba’s head of international operations.

Alibaba CEO Jack Ma said in an interview with The Wall St Journal that Tsurumaisan is the world’s largest soy sauce producer.

The deal is expected to close in the first quarter of 2019, according the Journal.